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Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a marketing term that refers to a valuable piece of content or an incentive offered by a business or marketer to attract potential customers and capture their contact information, typically their email addresses. The purpose of a lead magnet is to entice individuals to provide their personal details willingly, establishing a foundation for ongoing communication and relationship-building.

Lead magnets can take various forms, such as e-books, whitepapers, guides, templates, checklists, or access to exclusive content, among others. The key characteristic of a lead magnet is that it offers something of perceived value to the target audience, solving a specific problem, addressing a need, or providing valuable information.

When a lead magnet successfully captures a prospect's contact information, such as their email address, the business can nurture the relationship by sending relevant content, offers, or updates through email marketing campaigns. This engagement can eventually lead to conversions, sales, or long-term customer relationships.

If you'd like to build your email list by using a lead magnet check out my packages below.

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Lead Magnet Launchpad

Supercharge Your Conversions! Are you ready to take your lead magnet to the next level? If you already have a lead magnet or something you can easily use or create, we’ve got just the solution for you! Our Lead Magnet Package is designed specifically for businesses like yours who are looking to maximize their lead generation efforts


This is for you if 

  • There's a product or service you want to tell your customers about

  • Social media's not giving your company the results it used to

  • If using automated emails to generate semi passive sales is of interest to your company

  • That pesky algorithm is stopping your audience seeing your posts

What is Included?

The set up to ensure you are ready to take on the email marketing world.

I Will 

  • Import your contacts from your CRM (or spreadsheet) to your chosen email marketing platform. 

  • Creating an audience in your platform

  • Sync your invoicing system if possible, this automates new sign ups when you sell a product. 

  • Create a newsletter template with your branding, ensuring the header, footer and images are correctly set up this creates consistency in your business, and makes it easier for you to send newsletters moving forward 

  • Embed social links.

  • One round of revisions included to make sure you are super happy with your newsletter before we send it 

  • Send one email using the template to your contacts list from the content you have provided. 

  • For a one off fee of £79 I can create a 3 email welcome email nurturing automated sequence to welcome new customers to your audience.

All of this for £199+VAT! 

Sounds good? Contact me today

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Creative Work

Regular emails

Keep your community engaged

Once you have started to collect your email addresses you need to email them regularly and not just when you have something to sell! 

You need to build your audience and increase connections with them. 

I can work with you to send two emails a month, including updates on your business and life all

for just £99 a month

088-Starchelle Communications LTD-May2022.jpg
088-Starchelle Communications LTD-May2022.jpg

Send me a message 


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