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Balancing work and family life

Posted on 28 April 2021

I mean it’s a pipe dream, right? This past year has taught us that we all need to be better at balancing the two if we are working from home more and more. I have two kids, a husband who runs his own construction company and an attempt at a social life!

I will be honest until both of mine were in school it was a huge juggling act, we didn’t have any other help and there is very little in the way of paid for childcare out in the sticks, so what did we do? We put routines in place to help me with organising my work and home life. Little things like meal planning, so you don’t have that dreaded thought at 4pm ‘oh no what do I cook for dinner?!’ getting the food shop delivered was a huge help, using technology to my advantage as well. We upgraded to an online accounts system, QuickBooks, which has helped with suppliers, invoices, tax and much more. As well as investing in smart speakers around the house which has helped in so many little ways, reminders of events, timers for food, yelling at the kids their dinner and even adding items to my shopping trolley so they are all there when I log in on the app.

Now my youngest has started at preschool and I have time back – well in a fashion! We’ve now took on an apprentice for the construction side and I am taking on clients for my virtual assistant work, both of which have eaten into my free time. So what did I do? I created a plan for the time I did have. Do washing on certain days, promote my business on Fridays, do construction work for an hour a day and remember to schedule time for lunch! This is when I realised I could help other business owners do the same thing. By doing some of the boring day to day tasks and freeing up their time to spend on their business.

This week I have my first business club meeting and I am nervous about going. I’ll update you next week.

Thanks for reading.



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