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Case Studies

I first met my client in the summer of 2022 and he is still a client today! 

The Problem

During our first meeting, my client explained how rapid growth had led to inefficiencies in his processes. He was struggling to keep on top of where he was with quotes, site visits, call backs and the usual touch points needed to convert from enquiries to sales. Trying to organise jobs had become a nightmare, in fact in his own words, it was ‘pretty chaotic’; allowing for unexpected disruptions and overruns was ineffective. Jobs were being postponed, partial refunds were being requested, jobs were being lost! Some of his customers were on the receiving end of what could only be described as the worst customer journey.

My client wasn’t at the stage where he felt comfortable expanding the office team, but he knew that something had to change…

The Solution

It all boiled down to automation. My client wasn’t keen on ‘investing’ in digitalisation, but when I explained that all ‘regular’ and ‘repeat’ tasks could be automated, that’s when the lightbulb began to shine. Instead of relying on his memory, we could use the power of digitalisation to ensure that the customer journey became seamless. No more lost jobs, no more client refund requests, no more customer dissatisfaction. Just more income, a reduction of stress, and a process that works.

Key Elements

  1. Streamlined Lead Management: By introducing Jobber, a specialised CRM, we were able to automate the whole process; embedding a bespoke enquiry form into the website meant that customer information was collected accurately and seamlessly. 

  2. Enhanced Customer Experience: By integrating Mailchimp (an email marketing platform) we were able to infuse a touch of professionalism. New leads receive a sequence of welcoming emails, introducing them to the company and establishing trust and acknowledgement even before someone gives them a call.

  3. Data-Driven Decision Making: Incorporating Trello for lead management and Google Sheets for data monitoring was a transformative move. These tools ensure meticulous management of every lead and offer a comprehensive understanding of lead origins and conversion metrics. Such insights guide advertising strategies, delivering the best ROI.

  4. Improved Reputation Management: By automating review requests, we increased the client’s presence on Google. In a short timeframe we grow from 30 to 80 reviews. The impact of this social proof is priceless.

  5. Consistent Brand Presence: Who has time to post consistently on Social Media? We have great intentions, but the reality is that it’s something that often gets left behind. By leveraging the power of Smarterqueue, we make sure there's a consistent and steady stream of posts on social media and Google Business. Regular content sharing about finished projects keeps the brand visible to potential customers. This not only nurtures their interest, but also guides them through the sales journey.

Impact on Customers

  • Reliability and Trust: Customers now have the assurance that they won't be side-lined or face delays due to manual inefficiencies. They feel heard. They know they matter. Our systematic and automated strategy guarantees they always come first.

  • Better Engagement: An automated flow of personalised emails, ranging from company intros to updates and review requests, makes customers feel more involved and well-informed.

  • Enhanced Brand Perception: The uptick in Google reviews combined with a consistent online footprint bolsters the company's standing. This makes customers more likely to place their trust in the services on offer.

If you'd like to implement some of these changes in your business contact me today and we can have a chat! 

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