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Power Hour Bookings
Jen Heppell from Starchelle Communications in a yellow top leaning on a brick wall

Book a power hour with me.

You don’t need to book me for a set amount of hours each month but you have some questions or need some help choosing which system is best for you.

Book a power hour, this is online and recorded so you can watch back at any time.


Do you find yourself getting stuck doing mundane tasks, day in and day out? Enter Starchelle Communications Ltd. Our dedicated, attentive VAs will manage your calendar appointments, emails, and many other tasks that come up. Get in touch to learn more.


Running an efficient business takes a lot of time and effort, and our VAs are here to help. From taking customer calls to answering online inquiries, we’ll make sure your customers get the professional support and attention they deserve.


Achieving brand recognition and finding new clients through marketing takes hard work, but our VAs are ready to help. From researching and writing blog articles to helping increase your conversion rates, contact us and let us know how we can help.

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