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Services We Offer

How it Works

I offer a few different services to my clients from Email Marketing set up to Pinterest Monthly Management, all the details are below. 

I have a detailed checklist of information I need before I can start work so there is no back and forth. We have one 30 minute zoom and I send you a simple form to collect all the information and then I can get started, so if you are short of time - don't worry! I know exactly what I need to get your project finished. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like a quick zoom to see how we can work together! 

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Pinterest Support

I offer Pinterest Management, account set up Pinterest Audits. 

Find out why Pinterest is my favourite platform. 

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Marketing Packages

Email marketing is the future. If you want to move away from relying on Social Media for your marketing I have a range of packages including set up and a monthly plan

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Blog post creation

Blog posts are such a versatile content form, they can be repurposed into Emails Marketing  campaigns, Pins for Pinterest, social media posts - the list goes on! 

I know that some times thinking of topics to write about, and actually writing them can be hard and thats where we come in! 

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Lead Magnet Package

You have an idea for a lead magnet, a workbook, ebook, templates, a guide or  quiz but need help creating it , the landing page and follow up emails.  I can help with all these stages! 

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