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Services I Offer

How it Works

I offer a few different services to my clients from Email Marketing set up to Tech Support Retainers, all the details are below. 

I have a detailed checklist of information I need before I can start work so there is no back and forth. We have one 30 minute Zoom and I send you a simple form to collect all the information and then I can get started, so if you are short of time - don't worry! I know exactly what I need to get your project finished. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like a quick zoom to see how we can work together! 

Jen Heppell From Starchelle Communications, expert in Email Marketing, sales funnels and easy peasy business
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Marketing Packages

Email marketing is the future. If you want to move away from relying on Social Media for your marketing I have a range of packages including set up and a monthly plan

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Blog post creation

Blog posts are such a versatile content form, they can be repurposed into Emails Marketing  campaigns, Pins for Pinterest, social media posts - the list goes on! 

I know that some times thinking of topics to write about, and actually writing them can be hard and thats where we come in! 

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Lead Magnet Package

You have an idea for a lead magnet, a workbook, ebook, templates, a guide or  quiz but need help creating it , the landing page and follow up emails.  I can help with all these stages! 

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Tech support retainer

A new package for 2024, Tech Support retainer means I'm here for you when you have a new course to launch, system to implement or an email list to create. We can also create lead magnets, implement new systems or funnels. 

If its tech related, we can do it! 

Feel free to reach out for a friendly chat! I tailor each package to suit your unique needs.

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Marketing Mentoring Package

You need accountability and support with marketing. Overwhelmed by the choices you don't know where to start. I support you for 6 months making a plan and putting it into action

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