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Pinterest Packages

Pinterest is my favourite platform. It works more like a search engine than a social media network and there is no engagement! This is not to say you can go in all guns blazing without a strategy though. It does take careful set up and management but the returns are worth it.


Pinterest is perfect for all businesses, but works most effectively for creative businesses, either with physical products or online services such as coaches. All you need is some content to send people to, this can blogs, projects, news or your lead magnets.

Pinterest infographic showing how many people use Pinterest

Pinterest themselves say you should aim for between 5 and 10 pins a day, an absolute minimum of 3 this will ensure your pins have the most reach. 

Each pin posted is a direct link to your website. The search engines track people clicking on the links and 'see' your website as verified, posting interesting content and this will in turn, help to boost your SEO. 

Now you've seen how much we love Pinterest here - why not have a go yourself at pinning some pins?! To get you started I have a templates available here

If it all feels a bit much and you'd like a helping hand, my packages are below

088-Starchelle Communications LTD-May2022.jpg

Pinterest Audit

A one off deep dive of your account with my expert eyes.

093-Starchelle Communications LTD-May2022.jpg

Pinterest Set Up

Set you up with a brand new account, give you all the tools and training you need

Image by Fahim Reza

Pinterest Monthly Management

Monthly management of your Pinterest account. 

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